Fix Your Income Tax Situation Now for 2019

Before the mid year point hits for 2019, taxpayers need to take a look at their paychecks to review their current income tax situations.  Many Americans were presented with a less than favorable income tax refund, or even owed more than they may have paid in the past.  Most of this was due to new tax laws that went into effect for the 2018 tax year and also adjustments to W2 employees withholding.

If you do nothing about your income tax situation now, you will most likely have the same outcome for the 2019 income tax season.  Now is the time to review and fix your income tax situation.  When you meet with your income tax pro next year, its already to late!

Barnum Tax can review your last year’s income tax return, review your current State and Federal Income Tax Withholding, and recommend adjustments to ensure a better outcome for this coming 2019 income tax season! We will also look to see if you missed any income tax credits or left any other money on the table by reviewing you prior year tax returns.

We are located in Stratford, CT, servicing the greater Bridgeport area, but with the use of technology, you can upload your documents to our secure services allowing us to help taxpayers throughout the United States!

For a year review, contact Barnum Tax at 203-900-4413 or .

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